Life Situations

The thing about life is, that it happens on its own terms. Whether it is a career change, buying or paying off a home, starting a business, starting a family, deciding when to retire, supporting a charity, managing your parent’s affairs, or choosing a college, these decisions have financial impacts.

Every day people try to improve the odds that good things will happen by guarding against the bad. They wear a seatbelt, they lock their doors and they make sure they have a spare tire in the trunk. No matter what you do for a living or where you are in life, there's always an opportunity to better protect yourself and your loved ones, financially.

At CBS Financial Directions we provide planning services to help our clients live the life they want today, and secure what they will need for tomorrow. Accumulating wealth requires education, discipline and perseverance.

With a solid plan, you can establish your goals, prepare for the unexpected, and define your legacy according to your priorities.

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CBS Financial Directions Insurance


One of our strengths at CBS is our experienced success in marrying insurance planning with that of wealth accumulation. Our mission is to educate every one of our clients on a wide variety of insurance products. People are inherently averse to paying for something they don’t think they will need. Yes, insurance products are intangible but money is not. Understanding that the two interconnect, is crucial.

Life Insurance

Family Health and Dental Plans

You can customize a plan to suit your family’s needs. Plans can include prescription drugs, other medical expenses, basic or major dental care, and emergency services. Plans are also available that take over when you lose your group benefits plan.


Retirement Planning

We all have good intentions when it comes to saving for retirement. But like many things, life seems to have a knack for getting in the way. Thankfully, it’s never too late to save for a comfortable retirement. At CBS Financial Directions our role is to help you answer “yes”, to the question: “Will I be OK?”

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