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Life changes. Should your insurance?

Posted by Carsten Sorensen on Mar 10, 2015

Part of a successful plan includes a review of your insurance needs. An insurance ‘check-up’ will make sure you have the right coverage to help protect your family, your lifestyle and everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Changes in both your financial situation and your life stage affect your protection needs. I invite you to take a look at how the risks you face when trying to reach your financial goals evolve over time.

One of our strengths at CBS is our experienced success in marrying insurance planning with that of wealth accumulation. Building wealth takes discipline and planning and we…

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Why A Will?

Posted by Carsten Sorensen on Feb 08, 2015

 Why Make a Will?

Just as in building a home, sound planning starts with a solid foundation.  Debt Elimination, Life Insurance, Disability Income Protection, Cash & Savings and most certainly a properly drawn will, all need to be part of your plan.

A will is essential in establishing the orderly settlement of an estate after death.  If a will does not exist, the system will create one for you. An intestate will is a will by default. Without a will provincial law outlines how an estate is to be settled, which may not necessarily reflect your wishes.

Not Talking About Money

Posted by Carsten Sorensen on Dec 20, 2014

A High Price to Pay

One thing that distinguishes humans from all other beasts: financial worries.
Talking about money isn’t easy. In fact, surveys have shown that many families avoid talking about money matter altogether. This is evident by a few seminars I have conducted with high school students who indicated that they had in fact never discussed money matters with their parents.

Howard Book, a psychiatrist and family business consultant, has found that “people are far more willing to talk about any aspect of their sex life than they are about their finances.” Yet, as family therapist and broadcaster Rhonda Katz…

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