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Retaining Employees

Posted by Carsten Sorensen on Dec 20, 2017

A Well Designed Group Benefit Plan Is a Good Start

A majority of your assets leave your place of business every day after their shift is over. In today’s competitive market, attracting and retaining quality employees is becoming increasingly important.

There is a direct correlation between employee retention and how valued your employees feel.

One way to create value for your staff members is to implement a complete health care and dental benefit plan. For parents with dependent children, access to extended medical and dental plans can be extremely important. These plans must be clearly understood by both employer and their employees.


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It Won’t Happen To Me

Posted by Carsten Sorensen on Nov 30, 2017

May no longer be a safe bet

How often have you heard – “It won’t happen to me!”?

Surviving a critical illness or serious medical condition can turn your life upside down. It will affect you physically, emotionally and financially. It will also affect the people close to you.

  • Could you pay for timely, uninsured new treatment outside Canada?
  • Could you afford modification to your home or car?
  • Could you hire a nurse or domestic help or could your spouse afford to take time off work?
  • Could your business partner hire additional staff to replace you?
  • Would you have to cash in your savings or could…

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Life changes. Should your insurance?

Posted by Carsten Sorensen on Nov 15, 2017

Part of a successful plan includes a review of your insurance needs. An insurance ‘check-up’ will make sure you have the right coverage to help protect your family, your lifestyle and everything you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Changes in both your financial situation and your life stage affect your protection needs. I invite you to take a look at how the risks you face when trying to reach your financial goals evolve over time.

One of our strengths at CBS is our experienced success in marrying insurance planning with that of wealth accumulation. Building wealth takes discipline and planning and we…

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